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ÍSLAND, Réza Kalfane’s first book, is testament to the spirit of adventure. Réza offers a photographic story in a three-part progression: mysterious, picturesque and unexpected. This visual story begins with a series of waterfalls that punctuate the landscape of the country and the tourist’s itinerary. Revealed through a play of light and shadow, each image evokes the atmosphere of the Icelandic legends the waterfalls are named after. The story continues with images of a timeless and rugged landscape. With the same graphic interest, Réza captures the profile of a glacier or the juxtaposition of black sand and snow. ÍSLAND ends with aerial views that merge the contrasting abstract yet organic qualities of this unique landscape.


Born in 1976 in Strasbourg, a Frenchman with Indian origins, Réza Kalfane is a specialist photographer of Arctic Circle destinations. He first visited Iceland in 2012 and immediately fell in love with its enigmatic and vast landscapes. Over the course of his visits, Iceland became a second home for Réza, as well as a source of photographic and cultural inspiration for him. Its rugged landscapes became his enduring obsession. Each change in the weather and the changes of season offer a new reason to go and explore the island. Réza shares his passion with others by organising photography workshops in various areas around Iceland. His tours are committed to offering a spirit of adventure and are restricted to very small groups allowing the participants to veer off the beaten track.

You can find the book at the following places:
Paris, France
  • Yvon Lambert
  • 0fr.
  • Artazart
  • LE BAL
  • La Chambre Claire
  • Le Plac’Art Photo
  • Librairie L7
Seoul, South Korea
  • D’ark Room / Datz Press
Milan, Italy
  • 10 Corso Como
 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Reykjavík Museum of Photography
  • Listastofan Gallery
Stykkishólmur, Iceland
  • Bókaverzlun Breiðafjarðar
Rennes, France
  • Le Failler
  • Librairie du Voyage
  • HAB Galerie
Photography: RÉZA KALFANE Photography,
Art Direction / Design: Studio Artisan Graphique,