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ÍSLAND is a Photography Book inspired by Iceland and my travels these last 4 years, driving thousands of kilometers, flying Cessna and helicopter above glaciers, rivers and even erupting volcanos (Holuhraun in September 2014).

The Book

Here are the specifics about the book:

  • hardcover book, jacket cover from an abstract shot
  • 116 pages using black paper and white paper
  • sewn binding
  • Price: 45 €

Why am I making it?

I love to get my work printed and sell some large high quality prints. But this time I wanted to do something really different and more artistic.

I also wanted to show a different view on beautiful Iceland. Even though I’ve been there tens of times, there are always new things to discover, new people to meet, new music to listen to. I’d really like to share all these experiences through my work and through this book.

Why will you enjoy it?

We’ve selected the best materials and technique to make a beautiful object that you will love to have, go through and show to your friends and family. The different papers have a nice and slightly textured touch that will make the viewing a nice experience.

Through the different parts in the book, you will enjoy different kind of art works, some very classic and some totally abstract. I particularly love how the rhythm evolves and how the last part goes crazier and crazier. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Photography: RÉZA KALFANE Photography,
Art Direction / Design: Studio Artisan Graphique,